Love has never been this dangerous…

This sizzling action-adventure romance series follows the Devil’s Set, a team of modern treasure hunters traveling around the world in search of an eccentric billionaire hidden fortune – and discovering love and lust along the way.



Each book in this series focuses on the romance of a different couple and takes place in a different country, but there’s an overarching storyline for the entire series – it’s recommended that you read these books in order.




Adventure and suspense; alpha heroes who aren’t afraid to kick ass; travelogues or books with exotic locations; mysteries; fast-paced, action-packed romances; and gripping beach reads.

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Claiming His Treasure (Book 1)

Jackson North would do anything to protect Charlotte–but he’d also do anything to find the fortune hidden by eccentric billionaire Vincent Rinaldi.

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Hunting His Jewel (Book 2)

Leonardo “Leo” Moretti is breaking all the rules. But as he hunts for Rinaldi’s treasure in the Caribbean, is he prepared to break his oath to himself for the intriguing Ruby Whitlock?

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Protecting His Prize (Book 3)

With the greatest treasure of his life on the line, can Xavier unlock Rinaldi’s latest set of clues while battling his hot, not-so-convenient feelings for The One That Got Away?

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Defending His Heart (Book 4) Coming Early 2020!

Donovan has wanted his teammate Sloane for as long as he can remember. But is he willing to risk his team—and the greatest treasure they’ve ever pursued—for a woman with so many secrets?


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The Devil’s Set Bundle, Vol. 1

Are you ready for a case of wanderLOVE? Now you can get the first three Devil’s Set books in one steamy bundle!

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