Ember Blackthorn is the pen name I use for for my romances that contain fantasy elements. In these stories you’ll find the same voice and sizzling love stories you’ve come to love from my other books, just with some enchanting elements mixed in!

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The Billionaire Curse

Three cursed billionaires. One ordinary girl. And sizzling, magical romance like no other…

When “geek girl” Marigold is invited to a masquerade hosted by the mysterious billionaire Crestwood brothers, she suddenly finds herself entangled in a world of enchantment. Each brother is intoxicating in a different way, but they share one trait: they’re cursed. And Marigold is the only one who can help them…if she’s willing to risk her heart.

A lush contemporary fantasy full of magic and heat.

THE BILLIONAIRE CURSE is a serial story, which means it’s published in regular, bite-sized episodes (kind of like a television show). It’s currently available as a part of Amazon’s Kindle Vella program, but it will be available elsewhere soon!


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