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MEET THE DEVIL’S SET: Treasure hunters. Adventurers. Bad boys. 
Love has never been this dangerous…or this thrilling.

Leonardo “Leo” Moretti is breaking all the rules. 
After an injury puts him on the sidelines during the hunt for Vincent Rinaldi’s fortune, he’s determined to get back in the game. Defying orders, he follows a clue that leads him across the wild tropics of the Caribbean. But his plans go awry when he meets the beguiling, doe-eyed Ruby.

Ruby Whitlock is on the honeymoon from hell. 
After kicking her cheating fiancé to the curb, she decides to take their honeymoon cruise alone. But even a vacation to the Caribbean can’t lift her spirits—or convince her that all men aren’t scum. At least until she meets the sexy, mysterious Leo during one of her trips ashore. Suddenly, she finds herself an accidental participant in his dangerous, thrilling mission.

Caught up in an exhilarating adventure that spans the Caribbean, Leo and Ruby soon find themselves entangled in each other—in more ways than one. But the second piece of Rinaldi’s treasure isn’t the only thing at stake. Burdened by secrets and heartache, Leo and Ruby must risk both their hearts and their lives. But how far are they willing to go to claim the ultimate prize?

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About The Author

EMBER CASEY is a USA Today bestselling author living in Atlanta, Georgia in a den of iniquity—or so she likes to tell people. When she’s not writing steamy romance novels, you can find her whipping up baked goods (usually of the chocolate variety), traveling (her bucket list is infinite), or generally causing trouble (because somebody has to do it).

What’s New?

I’m now publishing on Radish! Enjoy my books in perfect on-the-go episodes through this revolutionary new reading app. Available for iOS and Android.

I’m now a member of the Book+Main Bites Romance community! Join me for teasers from upcoming books and excerpts from old favorites (and discover some new favorite authors!)

Royal Escape is currently publishing at three-week intervals. Find out what happens when a prince gives up his crown to become a cowboy.
Royal Disaster is now available for FREE on all major retailers! Dive into this six-part series about a rebellious princess and the cocky rock star who can’t get enough of her.
Get Lou and Ward in your headphones. Lost and Found (The Cunningham Family, Book 4) is now an audiobook. (Want to start at the beginning? Find all of my audiobooks here.)

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