Her Familiar Demon Serial

A quirky, grumpy x sunshine demon romance! 

Arkenna is struggling in her position as apprentice to the High Witch in the royal palace of Arevell.

In a bid to prove herself, she attempts a magical feat that no witch has been able to accomplish in two centuries: the complicated spell to summon a familiar. To her delight, the spell works, and she soon finds herself magically bound to a miniature dragon who is the literal cutest thing she’s ever seen.

But that very same night, Arkenna learns that her spell didn’t work as planned and that her new magical companion has a sinister secret: by day he’s all sparkles and rainbows with an insatiable sweet tooth, but when the sun goes down, he returns to his true formCazraeth, deposed demon lord of the Infernal Empire.

He’s also ridiculously attractive, and not at all shy about his carnal desires.

By day, Arkenna is finally gaining recognition and respect among the court. Her magical featsand her adorable, sugar-loving dragonlinghave caught the attention of the King, a handsome Duke, and even the High Witch herself, but by night she’s wrangling with Cazraeth and his villainous impulses, and doing her best to ignore her inconvenient and growing attraction to him.

Will Arkenna lean into her newfound courtly success? Or will Cazraeth tempt her into the darkness?

Her Familiar Demon is a fantasy romance serial story that is now complete! It’s currently available exclusively on the YONDER app (where the first three episodes are free!)

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