Some princes are charming.

Others are tall, dark, and brooding…

As heir to the throne of Montovia, the serious and brooding Prince Andrew is ready and willing to do anything for his country and his people. But he has a deep, dark secret, and the only one who can help him is tabloid reporter Victoria Simpson.



This contemporary royal romance is told as a six-part series and is intended to be read in order. Chronologically, it follows the Royal Heartbreaker series, but it can read and enjoyed on its own.




Royal romances; modern Cinderella stories; brooding alpha heroes; international adventures; and romance series about families/brothers (each royal sibling will be getting their own serial!).

Royal Mistake

Prince Andrew has a secret – and he needs Victoria’s help.

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Royal Mistake 2

Andrew makes a proposal Victoria can’t refuse.

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Royal Mistake 3

The pageant gets complicated – as do Andrew and Victoria’s feelings.

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Royal Mistake 4

Andrew’s secret is out – and everything is about to change.

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Royal Mistake 5

Andrew knows what he wants. But is it too late?

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Royal Mistake 6

Will Andrew and Victoria finally get their happily ever after?

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Did you love the Royal Mistake series? Royal Arrangement (Prince William’s series) is coming soon, but in the meantime, make sure you’re caught up on Royal Heartbreaker (Leo & Elle’s story). The first TWO books are FREE!

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